Selected Work


Forget Foosball (D!gitalist Magazine)
Secrets of Business Innovation (with Axel Uhl, 360° The Business Transformation Journal)
Agility in Action: How Four Brands Are Using Agile Marketing
Guide to Leading Data-Driven Organizations (Data Informed)
Three Ways to Rally Your Marketing Team Around Big Data
How UPS Trains Front-Line Workers to Use Predictive Analytics (Data Informed)
Voter Data: What the Candidates Know About You (Mashable)
Rethink Your Org Chart for Big Data Analytics Teams (Data Informed)
Big Data in the Real World Isn’t So Easy (
How to Succeed as an Introvert (HP Input/Output)
Can’t Innovate? It’s Management’s Fault (Really!) (CIO magazine)
No Easy IT Fix for the IRS (CIO magazine)

Editorial, Research and Marketing Projects

D!gitalist Magazine by SAP (Editor in chief)
State of the CIO 2016 Executive Summary (analyst, writer)
EMC CIO Connect on LinkedIn (Community Manager through 1/16)
From the Road blog
 (IDG Enterprise, editor)
The Consumerization of IT (PwC, editor)
2011 CIO 100 Awards ( magazine, editor/project manager)
2010 State of the CIO (CIO magazine, editor and project manager)
California Prison Reform: Inmates, IT and Health Care (, editor/project manager)

Sustainable Enterprise columns (CIO magazine)

Use Analytics to Create a Greener Business
Why Companies Should Donate Used PCs Instead of Recycling
What Retailers Can Teach You About Green IT
Green IT: Training Your IT Staff to Think About Sustainability