The Ultimate Side Hustle Book

I wrote The Ultimate Side Hustle Book: 450 Moneymaking Ideas for the Gig Economy as a resource for anyone who wants to earn extra cash, finance a hobby, develop a new skill or try out a business idea. Learn about side hustles from dog walking to refereeing, and get advice and tips from successful side hustlers about choosing the best one for you.

More About Side Hustles

  • Get a Sneak Peak - The Ultimate Side Hustle Book will be in bookstores this Tuesday, Dec. 4. While you’re waiting (or if you’re still thinking about whether to get the book), I hope you enjoy this preview: If you like what you’ve read so … Continue reading
  • Pride in the Side Hustle - As I mentioned in my previous post, one reason I wrote The Ultimate Side Hustle Book is that I was curious about how the modern side hustle is different from the second jobs of my parents' generation. And one thing is clear: the side hustle has come out of the shadows. Continue reading
  • The Modern Side Hustle - When I was 17, my father hired me to help him with his side hustle. He was writing software for a tech startup; he paid me to write the user manual.

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Podcasts and interviews

Giving Side Hustles A Second Look! with Julie Beckham on “No Shame in This Money Game.” Listen to the end and you’ll find out what my favorite movie is.

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My conversation with Dr. Dawn Graham on Dr. Dawn on Careers


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