Pride in the Side Hustle

As I mentioned in my previous post, one reason I wrote The Ultimate Side Hustle Book is that I was curious about how the modern side hustle is different from the second jobs of my parents’ generation.  And one thing is clear: the side hustle has come out of the shadows.

Consider that back in the day, if you had a side hustle, you called it “moonlighting.” As in, something you did under cover of darkness. There were reasons not to talk much about it. Your full-time employer might have questioned your commitment to your job. Or neighbors might have gossiped about your finances. 

While employers haven’t become less demanding, or more forgiving, we think about side jobs differently now because the nature of work has changed:

  • Many jobs are more flexible than they used to be. 
  • We have more options for work.
  • Our day jobs, even if we feel secure in them right now, aren’t forever; it’s prudent to have a backup plan. 

Meanwhile, thanks to tech startups, artisan food products and YouTube celebrities, having a side hustle, especially if it’s a side business, makes you seem creative, entrepreneurial, and ambitious.

Whether you’re looking for your first side hustle, or for a new idea, check out the book and let me know what you choose.



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